From Harshil B Shah to “Me”

I” used to blog at, and had an email ID of was once told this was very pompous and looked somewhat narcissistic.

Either ways, for some time I’ve been trying to figure out who “I” am. What was “I” before “I” had a name and the habits & characteristics I have picked up and discarded over the 25 or so years I’ve been on this rock.

Is the real “I” the writer of this Blog? Is the real “I” the one who reads Balance Sheets and makes investment decisions? Or is the real “I” the one sleeping?

The concept of “I” in our lives is highly fluid. What we disliked a while ago, we may love today, what beliefs we harboured when in School or College we may laugh at today. For instance early 2015, “I” always thought that iPhone users were pompous and full of themselves. And those who had 2 phones were full of Shit.

I now own an iPhone (and a Samsung Galaxy). So, am “I” full of myself and shit?

I” is a very fluid concept. We have changed and sometimes become the very things we swore we’d never be.

This is not a blog about soul searching. Rather it is about sharing the results of one I’m on.

This is about removing the cobwebs around our concept of “I” and try to reach that “Eternal & Timeless” and I am here to share that journey.

I” do not claim to be consistent as you can see from the iPhone example.

And as our concept of self is so fluid, “I” am here to share it if You’re interested.

If you want to get in touch, Contact “Me”!

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