Heads I Am Good-Tails Others Suck

Our Minds are funny. From a fund management perspective, say “I” get a stock that goes from Rs.10 to Rs.100. I attribute it to “my stock picking skills”. “I” am an amazing stock picker and maybe the next Warren Buffett in making. Heck Warren never faced the “difficulties” “I” did.

Flip it around and say “I” have a stock that goes from Rs.10 to Re.1. In this case, “I” blame the “management” calling them thieves, blame market conditions and curse “God” with stuff like “Why Do I Get In Things Like This? Why does Only my life go to shit like this?”

Here is the issue we all face is that when things go our way, it is the “Us” and our skill, whereas when things go to shit they are external forces.

In any thing, it comes down to a sense of taking ownership and responsibility. I try not to but do end up blaming “others” a lot of time.

The point of this post is not to be preachy about this or tell others not to do it. This is just to make ourselves aware that this process happens. Once we are aware of it, we may be able to change this habit in our head & if we do we can start taking personal responsibility and when we do, we realise that we are as much (if not more) to blame for our troubles & then we begin to change!

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