Beyond The Matrix: The Red Pill For Traders & Investors


All Problems Are Solved on the Inside


Dr. Van Tharp is one of the Worlds Best trading coaches. Dr.Tharp explains what effect your level of  consciousness & your emotions have on your own trading.

Trading is a High Mortality Business. Traders have a lot of emotions, and contrary to what Television or Movies portray, neither are Traders hyper (most of the time that is) or heartless and ruthless.

Dr. Tharp shows us how blocked emotions interfere with our trading plan. And when faced with a constantly changing Profit & Loss Statement, A LOT can be bottled up, including large wins & large losses. And we even come to know how it affects the other parts of our lives.

At times the Book seems like a Proponent of “The Law of Attraction”, at times it goes into the spiritual journey undertaken by Dr.Tharp and at times it feels like it is asking us to “turn inward” for solving most all of our problems.

In the beginning it seems outlandish that “problems out there” can be solved by changing attitude “in here” but it works!

What To Read The Book For: Getting in touch with your Emotions.

What Not To Read the Book For: Specific Patterns or Techniques.

If you’re a Trader or Investor, it is a good read, provided you’ve got an open mind. It is also somewhat expensive and the usefulness will be very dependent on what importance you place on your own emotions.

Grab it from

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