Market Wizards: Interviews With Top Traders

Jack Schwager takes us on a journey into the minds of various top traders of the United States.

While the book was written nearly 3 decades ago, all of the interviews are still relevant today.

We begin with the interview with Michael Marcus who entered the Trading Arena because of his friend(?) John who claimed he could double Michaels money every two weeks to Richard Dennis who lost a Third of His $3,000 Trading Capital on one day in the first year he started trading.

A lot of things to learn and highlight. We learn that many traders did begin as nobodies and kept on learning. Eventually we understand that every trader has a method that works for him/her so being comfortable with what works for you is essential. Trial & Error is also a part of the game.

What To Read The Book For: Memorable Interviews and inspiration.

Note: The words of some traders may connect with you much more than that of others while you may vehemently oppose the ideas of some other ones. So maybe you have a reference point for what sort of trading works for you and what does not.

Is the Book an essential? Nope. Does it make a good read? Yes!

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