Predestination & Free Will

Some times in our lives, we look up at God and say “Had enough? Am I the Joke now or is there more nonsense that is my way?”

At times we have this feeling of complete despondency & and helplessness.

At such times do we Question from our very Being whether there is some sort of Cosmic Plan that goes into what we are going through or if there is some Grand Cosmic Plan that is beyond us yet.

Predestination is the assumption that God has a plan for all of us and that we are merely actors in the play. In that case you’re justified at having a grouse at God. If he scripted, he could get a bad rep. Your complaints are justified.

Or we have Free Will, which means advertently or inadvertently we have created this mess and it is up to us to get out of it. In such cases God gets a bad name for things we did.

Can we ever know? I am not so sure! After all there a Trillion things that have to go right for a moment to come together. Every moment in Time (which is illusory in itself) is unique and changing.

Can it be a Bit of both? Is it an eclectic mix? Or do our choices move the Universe?

Many Religious schools believe that we are all one with God and in effect we are all one. So maybe our choices do affect everyone on some level.

I do not know but I am on a quest to find out. I’ll keep you posted!

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