Be A Baby, Seriously!

“Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.

-Matthew 18:3

Over time, we take on multiple roles, positions, ideas and judgements which develop our sense of “I“. As we age this concept of “I” cements and shapes our view of the World.

So we identify as a Capitalist, as a Foodie, as a Traveller, as Male, as Shy, as Cartoon Watching. Let’s go a level further, we identify ourselves as a part of a Religion or a Gender like “Male” or “Female”. Then we have personality traits like Shy. Then we have work and education as well.

The end result is a combination of traits that we put in the “About You” Section of the Resume.

But are you all these traits or are you more? After all as we grow, we do change do we not? So who are “You”?

So we compare ourselves with everyone else on the concept of “I”. That might make you stand against certain things like “Socialists”, “Feminists” or a myriad lot of terms and groups.

Now imagine the Prime Minister is to meet you, you’d probably feel your achievements to be somewhat pale in comparison to his so you’d be at your best behaviour, put on your best clothes but most importantly you’d feel somewhat self-conscious.

Now compare that to a Baby. Ever seen a self-conscious Baby?

Babies are cool! They do not even have a concept of their own name like we do. They do not care! They do not know if they are male or female, whether they are Hindu or Jain, whether they are Socialist or Capitalist. They pick up all such programming later from those around them when they grow up.

Do you think a Baby would care about peeing on the Prime Minister if he holds the Baby? Can a Baby be a Socialist who hates Capitalists?

They say to attain liberation, all we need to do is to get rid of all or beliefs of self. But on a more practical day to day level, just question where a certain belief or sense of “I” comes from. It can help you clear a lot of emotional baggage and reveal a lot about your own self to “You”.

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