Do you know yourself, beyond your senses?
Or are your perceptions self imposed limits and fences?

Are we a speck in an infinite Universe?
A place where we experience our hopes, dreams & fears?

Maybe you too sense something is amiss!
Come on! Let’s explore this!

I make of you a small request!
I want you to take a little test!
I’m sure you’ll enjoy the quest!

Forget everything, forget every sensation!
With your past and the future, cut off all association!

Close your eyes, let them rest,
Take a deep breath, feel your chest,
I know you’re doing your best

A simple task I want you to do; with all your heart, ask from within!
I’m sure something will stir, something will shake; something will begin!

Reach out to all of existence with all your heart!
Do this and rest assured the Universe will do its part!

With your heart, reach out to everything! Reach out to everyone!
Friend and foe, big and small, weak and strong, leave out nothing, leave out no one!
Make no exceptions; absolutely none!
Don’t be serious, this is all for fun!
Ponder over this, try doing this often!

Something may change, something may stir, don’t worry there is nothing to fear!
Ask the Universe, I promise, its melody, its rhythm, its love with all your heart you will hear!

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