Beyond The Veil

Drop all your mental defenses,
Question your pretenses,
Think beyond your body, beyond your senses,
Demolish your walls, uproot your fences.

Let the light and song of the Universe illuminate,
Beyond the opposites of love and hate,
There lies a gate.

Pass through the gate, you will find delight,
It may require all your might,
Pass through the gate You will, after a discomforting fight,
For a while nothing may seem right,
After a period, everything seems bright.

The period of discomfort may be long or it may be brief,
You may doubt all your preconceived ideas and question every cherished belief,
You just might realise that dropping them all, albeit hard; can be a relief.

Internally, you may question this voice; your will may stand divided.
Hear again within; there never is a moment you aren’t guided,
The Universe is ready to help, your Soul is delighted,
The path for You is laid and lighted.

Be glad! Rejoice!
Heed the Voice,

It leads you softly to a strength in You, but not yours,
It understands and speaks only love, not coercion or force,
And takes you to a place without sadness or remorse.

We’ll all meet on the other side,
Where we all eventually have to reside,
Where there are no imperfections, no fears; where there is nothing to hide,
Hear the Voice and, feel the Light, for they are gentle and happily Guide,

Only a small decision you have to take,
This Journey You will have to undertake,
Be glad, mighty companions you have on this Journey you will make!

-Harshil Shah

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