The Fiery Mirror

Where do I begin? Where do I start?
What is my purpose here? What is my part?
Why do I sometimes feel stupid and sometimes feel very smart?
Why am I sometimes calm as ice and sometimes simply falling apart?

Something I am thinking about,
This question does cast some doubt.

Do we really know what it is we see and perceive?
Or does our mind with our prejudices over Reality cast a weave?
And what we call reality is pure make believe?

I have a take,
Hear the case I make.

The world we see is only in our head,
And Reality is something else instead.

We have limited ourselves to our senses,
Created a make believe world on false pretenses.

I may not make sense to You yet; read ahead I insist,
Something in your mind will mount a defense and resist.

Yet Your Heart can discern that there is something here that makes sense,
Even when you read this through a distorted lens.

The world you see is a distorted mirror; where you see all reflect see are illusions,
And in this strange world, you sometimes see love, sometimes anger and most times delusions.

Look at your distorted mirror, they are your assumptions you are forcing on Reality,
Your assumptions & judgements drive you away from actuality to a world filled sorrow, hate, pain and brutality.

Imagine a fiery mirror, put all your assumptions, judgements in the great Healing Fire,
It may feel disorienting, frightening, scary and midway you may just want to retire.

Yet there is a strength in You that is not Yours that will see You through,
But after this journey will emerge The Real You!

The Real You is Perfect & Eternal & Timeless,
It is Here & Now & Tireless, without Beginning; it is Ceaseless

Welcome to Reality,
That which is beyond Duality

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