About “Me”

I was named “Harshil Shah” though A Question that has confounded me is the reason I exist and “Who Am I?”

I trade markets and read Books. Occasionally I sell Tee Shirts too!

As for me, I do not know honestly (yet); sometimes I read Company Balance Sheets, some times I look at Stock Charts, sometimes I write, sometimes I think and sometimes I oscillate between jubilation and despair. Occasionally I indulge in what is called Solipsism and wonder if I am in a Dream or a Computer Simulation.

At times I think that “I” do things and at other times “I” think things happen and “I” just happen to be around when they do.

I” have gone from Atheism to Monism (Yep 180° Turn Baby).  I try to explain the World sifting between “Cause & Effect” but realise the Trillion things that make up a Moment and so the things happen because they happen.