The Fiery Mirror

Where do I begin? Where do I start?
What is my purpose here? What is my part?
Why do I sometimes feel stupid and sometimes feel very smart?
Why am I sometimes calm as ice and sometimes simply falling apart?

Something I am thinking about,
This question does cast some doubt.

Do we really know what it is we see and perceive?
Or does our mind with our prejudices over Reality cast a weave?
And what we call reality is pure make believe?

I have a take,
Hear the case I make.

The world we see is only in our head,
And Reality is something else instead.

We have limited ourselves to our senses,
Created a make believe world on false pretenses.

I may not make sense to You yet; read ahead I insist,
Something in your mind will mount a defense and resist.

Yet Your Heart can discern that there is something here that makes sense,
Even when you read this through a distorted lens.

The world you see is a distorted mirror; where you see all reflect see are illusions,
And in this strange world, you sometimes see love, sometimes anger and most times delusions.

Look at your distorted mirror, they are your assumptions you are forcing on Reality,
Your assumptions & judgements drive you away from actuality to a world filled sorrow, hate, pain and brutality.

Imagine a fiery mirror, put all your assumptions, judgements in the great Healing Fire,
It may feel disorienting, frightening, scary and midway you may just want to retire.

Yet there is a strength in You that is not Yours that will see You through,
But after this journey will emerge The Real You!

The Real You is Perfect & Eternal & Timeless,
It is Here & Now & Tireless, without Beginning; it is Ceaseless

Welcome to Reality,
That which is beyond Duality

Unbound Eternity

Tick tock goes the clock, the pendulum swings from left to right,
Wonder over the pair of opposites, good and bad,beautiful and ugly, sadness and delight

Tick tock goes the clock, the pendulum swings from right to left,
Wonder again how everything has an opposite; big and small, right and wrong, skillful and inept.

Now a question I ask!
Nay, let’s call it a leisurely task!
Imagine that all you are is a mask!

An accumulation of memory, prejudices, thoughts and fears,
All perhaps concentrated, stored in the organ you call the brain; located between your ears.

Your perceptions and all your definitions,
Your thoughts and all your emotions,
Your fears, gripes and all your and hesitations
All color the World in which you see so many commotions.

Think! Question! What observes the wearer of the mask?!
Who is the one who judges every pair of opposites, every action and every task?

The mask is your filter, the world you see is Your creation,
It shows a World in time, where everything ultimately ends in destruction.

Yet something beyond the mask, the filter there is something that must exist,
This We must explore; I vehemently insist,
You might refute the premise, you might feel angry or with a million other ways try to resist,
But in this quest, I urge you to persist,
Somewhere along the way, you will discover that Time does not exist!

A conclusion you will come to, there is no past, except in Your memories,
Neither is there a future, full of promise and hopes of exploration into unchartered territories,
They are all in your mind, all mere stories.

You only exist Here, you only exist Now is the only logical conclusion!
Other theories are Your masks attempt at generating and keeping alive this delusion!
Prod a little further! I urge you! Question the entire illusion!

Notice that there is a Observer in You, observing all this,unmoved, unalloyed, unmixed,
On Here and Now it stands affixed.

It observes everything, always, in all situation and circumstance,
Yet it remains happy, unmoved by the vagaries of chance.

Stay with the Observer for as long as you can, the call has been made,
Fear not you traverse this alone! You will receive all possible aid!
Mighty Companions stand ready to walk alongside you on this path; it is ready and laid!

Soon You and the Observer will merge;
You realise that All the Universe is One, even if it appears at different points to diverge,
The boundaries between You, the Observer & the entire Universe will purge,
And Reality in all its Oneness, Beauty, Love and Infinity will emerge!

Beyond The Veil

Drop all your mental defenses,
Question your pretenses,
Think beyond your body, beyond your senses,
Demolish your walls, uproot your fences.

Let the light and song of the Universe illuminate,
Beyond the opposites of love and hate,
There lies a gate.

Pass through the gate, you will find delight,
It may require all your might,
Pass through the gate You will, after a discomforting fight,
For a while nothing may seem right,
After a period, everything seems bright.

The period of discomfort may be long or it may be brief,
You may doubt all your preconceived ideas and question every cherished belief,
You just might realise that dropping them all, albeit hard; can be a relief.

Internally, you may question this voice; your will may stand divided.
Hear again within; there never is a moment you aren’t guided,
The Universe is ready to help, your Soul is delighted,
The path for You is laid and lighted.

Be glad! Rejoice!
Heed the Voice,

It leads you softly to a strength in You, but not yours,
It understands and speaks only love, not coercion or force,
And takes you to a place without sadness or remorse.

We’ll all meet on the other side,
Where we all eventually have to reside,
Where there are no imperfections, no fears; where there is nothing to hide,
Hear the Voice and, feel the Light, for they are gentle and happily Guide,

Only a small decision you have to take,
This Journey You will have to undertake,
Be glad, mighty companions you have on this Journey you will make!

-Harshil Shah


Do you know yourself, beyond your senses?
Or are your perceptions self imposed limits and fences?

Are we a speck in an infinite Universe?
A place where we experience our hopes, dreams & fears?

Maybe you too sense something is amiss!
Come on! Let’s explore this!

I make of you a small request!
I want you to take a little test!
I’m sure you’ll enjoy the quest!

Forget everything, forget every sensation!
With your past and the future, cut off all association!

Close your eyes, let them rest,
Take a deep breath, feel your chest,
I know you’re doing your best

A simple task I want you to do; with all your heart, ask from within!
I’m sure something will stir, something will shake; something will begin!

Reach out to all of existence with all your heart!
Do this and rest assured the Universe will do its part!

With your heart, reach out to everything! Reach out to everyone!
Friend and foe, big and small, weak and strong, leave out nothing, leave out no one!
Make no exceptions; absolutely none!
Don’t be serious, this is all for fun!
Ponder over this, try doing this often!

Something may change, something may stir, don’t worry there is nothing to fear!
Ask the Universe, I promise, its melody, its rhythm, its love with all your heart you will hear!