Everything on this Site is a Thought and Conjecture. I sometimes invest based on some Thinking, sometimes on a Gut Feel and sometimes to avoid missing out. I’ve at times also bought (or sold) Stocks to avoid missing out (or losing out in case of Bad news).

I also trade in the Highly Volatile and Highly Levered Futures & Options Segment based on Technical Analysis with Basic Charting and Gut Feel.

Gut Feel features prominently because I have a LARGE GUT 😛

Jokes apart, I am NOT an advisor and PLEASE DO NOT take anything posted as Advice or an Offer to Buy Or Sell.

You and Solely You are responsible for the Results of your Trades & Investments. Some would say they trust their Fund Manager, but even he or she is fallible. Remember it is your money and blame will not bring it back. No amount of cursing or swearing will.

So Yes, remember, Trading & Investing and the Outcomes thereof are your responsibility, not your Fund Managers or your Brokers.